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“Bones are for dogs; meat is for men,” “real women have curves,” if you’ve ever been this person I wish you’d nothing but to rot:) being a victim of skinny shaming can be just as traumatizing as it is with a bigger ladies as well.
One look. One disgusted look. And I was obsessed with gaining weight just so I could stop getting constant looks at my legs when I would just walk to another damn class. I started to wear leggings under my jeans just so I could fit better in them a little more…and maybe look “more normal” as I would say. God I was so stupid. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE LOVE YOURSELF LOVE YOUR BODY show off those daddy long legs. as well as the curvy peaches. if you’re a victim I love you, you’re beautiful you’re strong. Keep moving

you’re beautiful and perfect just the way you are,

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