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Calivy: Note: This Clip Is Taken From a 12 Minute Video Too…


Note: This clip is taken from a 12 minute video too large to put on tumblr, that was filmed one handed on my iPhone (as obvious from the video), while I was, in this specific part, having multiple orgasms. Like all my videos, the quality sucks. ☹️ Due to the orgasmic condition I was in, the “camera work” is sometimes shaky and, once at least, completely focused on things that aren’t me…in other words, you probably shouldn’t view it if you get dizzy easily. Sorry!  Ideally, I would love for this blog to change its theme and actually become one I film things for regularly with a partner. Because in all truth, I would really prefer showing you myself being fucked by someone who is not me. Plus I am deeply perverted and it’s hard to be single so long (as I’ve stated before, I do not really care for casual sex and opt to just go solo until I am with someone I have interest in and feelings for, which are reciprocated) and I dearly, madly,  miss sucking cock (and pussy) and wish I were getting fucked up the ass finally, now that I know how much I like the way it feels to stuff and fill my asshole. Oh and the whole love/companionship thing would be great too I guess. ?? I’m kidding, I don’t actually value sex over love…they’re ideal together of course). 

Anyway, other than acts with other human beings, what do you want to see me do? What do you want to watch me do to myself or wear, or whatever it may be? Let me know! And I will try to respond back as much as I can to messages – I LOVE my messages and I will read them all – but it is difficult to reply back to each one, so please know that I read them just like I do every comment and notice every like and share, but that it’s not always possible to respond to all of them but I will do my very best and that I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE, just like I appreciate every single one of YOU. Love to you all!! XOXO ❤?❤?

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